Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anberlin- Dark is the Way, Light is a Place

Anberlin is one of my favorite bands and I was really excited when I first heard they were releasing a new album. Dark is the Way, Light is a Place is a classic Anberlin album, but a few things are different.
The Good
The album is cohesive and flows very well, and there are no "filler" songs. Since the members of Anberlin are Christians, most of their songs have a spiritual element in them, however, non-believers can also enjoy the album because there is nothing overtly religious or "preachy." Stephen Christian's vocals are the best I've ever heard them. The songs are very catchy (I find myself humming them throughout the day.)
The Not so Good
This is the shortest album that Anberlin has released to date. There are only 10 songs.
  1. We Owe This To Ourselves
  2. Impossible
  3. Take Me (As You Found Me)
  4. Closer
  5. You Belong Here
  6. Pray Tell
  7. The Art Of War
  8. To The Wolves
  9. Down
  10. Depraved
While I really like this album, I have to admit that the lyrics are not as "deep" as those on prior albums.
The songs are very catchy, but in my opinion are a little too repetitive.

  • I would highly recommend this album to anyone and I consider it a great starting point for those who are just now discovering Anberlin. I would say to buy the whole album, but if you're just wanting to download a few, my favorites are Pray Tell, Take Me (As You Found Me), Closer, and Impossible.

 Hope this review was helpful-SwitchFit

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